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Lawn Service Pricing

We service the Slidell Area

At Go Quick Mowing, we primarily accept weekly or bi-weekly clientele.

Starting Prices

  • Small to average properties starting at $55

  • Medium size properties starting at $65

  • One acre properties start at $125.

  • Overgrown edges $65

  • Leaf removal: Starting at $225

  • Shrub trimming: Starting at $10-$100 per bush size

  • Yard Cleanup: $150 minimum

  • Landcaping Mulch Beds: $275 minimum

  • Lawn Leveling: Ask for quote

  • Fertilizing: $125 minimum

  • Weed Control: $125 minmum

  • Price may vary from property to property

Excessive Pet Waste & Lawn Debris

Lawn debris can damage our equipment and takes time to clean up before we mow. Pet waste gets in the tires of our mowers and the shoes of our crew. This then gets tracked all over your lawn and in the trailer and truck. In addition, pet waste can carry parasites and disease that can spread to the children and pets of our other customers. We ask that you agree to clean up excessive lawn debris and pet waste before we arrive. If not, we will need to charge an additional $15 fee for the extra time and clean up required.

Overgrown Lawn

If your lawn is overgrown ( about 5-6 inches or so), we may charge an additional fee, averaging $30. Overgrown grass strains our mowers, requires multiple passes, and takes longer to cut. If your lawn has extremely overgrown grass, we may have to contact you with a requote for the entire service. In those cases, getting the lawn back to a healthy height will require much more labor, and we want to make sure your lawn pro is compensated for the extra work.

Rain Delay

Saturday and Sunday are reserved for rain makeup days only. If we get 1 or 2 rainy or wet days in a week, we will resume our schedule on the next dry day. For example, if you are scheduled on Monday, and it rains that day and Tuesday is too wet to mow, we will arrive on Wednesday to service your lawn.

**While we do our best to only mow when the ground is dry, this is unavoidable sometimes. Certain lawns hold water and when the mowers run over mud, they may cause ruts in the lawn. In order to maintain your lawn, we can't always avoid these wet spots. We are not liable for this damage. If you believe your lawn is too wet to mow, feel free to contact us and we can skip you that week, at no charge to you.

Billing & Payments

A credit or debit card is required before service can begin. We will charge your account every Friday for the services we complete that week. For example, if we mow your lawn on Monday, you will be charged the following Friday.

Declined payments: Service will immediately be discontinued and a $25 fee will be added to the account. Multiple declined payments will lead to service cancelation.

Late Payments Schedule:

8 days late: additional $25 late fee added to the invoice

30 days late: additional $25 added to the invoice and the collections process will begin. The invoice with all fees and costs incurred during the collections process will be the responsibilty of the customer.

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